Hey Mook will be playing with two other bands, All Fires the Fire and Dust. Hey Mook will be on second. This will be the final gig of their historic April 2010 tour. Hey Mook with All Fires the Fire and Dust Time:10:00PM Friday, April 9th Location:Brisbane Hotel # Hey Mook will be supporting Sydney singer/songwriter Perry Keyes, who is touring to promote his new album on Laughing Outlaw Records.Hey Mook supporting Perry Keyes Time:9:00PM Wednesday, April 7th Location:Republic Bar and Cafe # Saturday 13th Feb 2010 - Anyone going to see Hey Mook and Bad Luck Charms at the Brisbane tonight?
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Febey at the keyboards
R.I.P June 2009

Hey Mooks,

The Hey Mook website is in the process of being archived as the main web action is (in theory) at the Mooks Myspace Page so this effort was going to attempt being sensible and presenting a neat easy to follow frontpage. It's all been on the backburner for a while but I've been swung into action because I promised to dedicate this version to old mook Febey who passed away last week. The irony of this is that I know he hated the internet and once complained that he'd heard a rumour that he was out there in the ether. This one's for you.

I've been told that Febey loved a good concept so the Mooks are working on the A-Z of Febey as a concept for eulogy ... B is for Beatles, D is for Dots, P is for Phantom ...

He wasn't always the easiest man to work with. He joined the band (the band is the band is the band) before the mooks recorded Accordian Hufcor Doors to which he contributed saxaphone, keyboards, harmonica and some rather great artwork. For various reasons we decided he had to be sacked shortly after the album was recorded. Not a great time for anyone really. Sometime later he headed off to Adelaide where he toughed it out until he came back to Hobart a few years ago.

His health has been bad for the last couple of years and was under doctors orders never to drink again. That he did even though he loved a drink. Febey rebuilt many a friendship and was a pillar of strength in hard times. His magnificent art work was his rock and no matter what he continued to produce paintings, drawings, sculpture as well as being a multi-instrumentalist. Anyone who ever knew him will tell you his norms were purely his own and his bullshit detector was always set to ten.

I'm gunna miss you Febey. More than I thought. Been thinking about you since I heard the news. Love your work.

So that's it for now I guess. I'll try again some other time.

I love youse all ....

The Webmaster (17/6/2009)

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