The First Third


Memory extract #1.

I first saw The First Third sometime late in the eighties when Shaun's vision of a band comprising himself and Kim's young nephews had come to fruition. The Laminated Snails meet The Reserves. Much water had gone under the bridge and what deja vu it was seeing the Scoob behind a drum kit again. As for the young Cruickshanks, the last time I'd seen them they were little tackers getting under our feet while we engaged in the almost infinite hospitality at their grandmother's house.

The band rented Rehearsal Space above a well known Musical Equipment Hire joint in Elizabeth Street at the time. They did endless versions of 'As I went Out One Morning' and 'Story of Love' complete with loud arythmical guitar. This here was the real tanginble starting point for Hey Mook Exit Mr Douglas, enter Mr Pearce and there you go.

Anyway, I was emailed this rather splendid relic, in the form of a scanned clipping from The Mercury and it needed to find a home here on this website. Incidently the other band on the bill, The Underground, was fronted by a Mook of the future who supplied this little gem.

UMOOKU 2004.