In which THE RESERVES share a bill with at The Hobart City Hall.


Hobart City Hall.

THE RESERVES - Hobart City Hall 1979
(from left - Peter Baldwin, Gerard Hennicke)

Alien Nation 1979

In a unique bill topped by THE ALIENS, at that stage verging on TOP 10 Stardom, THE RESERVES pay their University Union Dues. On what was clearly an inside job they snaffle their biggest support ever. A good time was had by all.

Due to the loss of brain cells caused by nights like the above this correspondent can barely remember a thing worth remembering except to say he was mighty peeved to have missed out on the Amyl Nitrate action which may or may not have prevented his subsequent falling backwards off his chair. The real lesson of the night was however, that it may be twee to have a bass guitar style pivoting on major notes being sourced off the E-String but only if one knows how to transpose those notes to other parts of the instrument if required.

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