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Various obscure destinations. Covers and originals. Alledged version of Waiting for an Order.


Postcards to eternity / Rainbows for the blind

  • 1. Just Dreaming
  • 2. After the Funeral
  • 3. Sex and Destiny
  • 4. Telepathy
  • 5. Acts of Commitment
  • 6. Every Waking Moment
  • 7. The Meaning of Regret
  • Simon Cruickshank : Stratocaster and Screwdriver
    Shaun Douglas : Arhythmical Guitar + vocals
    Engineered by Garth Payne
    Recorded at Studio 700, ABC, Hobart 12/07/1988
    All songs written by S. Douglas

Cynical Girl

Covered by The Freeloaders on their DeaD Before My Time E.P. and performed variously at gigs. Dedicated to our taxi driving friend. Got played on Melbourne public radio.

Don't Remember You

Covered by Hey Mook at various junctures. Unreleased dodgy recordings only.

.................. transmission halted ... stay tuned for more ... stay glued to your TV set ..........................................................